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Back by popular demand!

From the 28th - 31st March we'll be running the EdTech festival 2022, designed to inspire educators to integrate technology into their practice, and in turn enhance opportunities and outcomes for young people.

This year's festival will focus on the continuing role of EdTech in the post-pandemic reality in which we find ourselves. Join us, and a roster of inspirational and practical speakers, as we explore the opportunities that our brave new digital world affords to educators and learners.

Together we will examine the challenges we've faced over the past year and how we can continue to stay a step ahead of the curve moving forward. You will have the opportunity to visit the virtual classroom and observe the utilisation of EdTech in action.

Our line-up of inspirational speakers

We will be welcoming back some of our most popular speakers from last year but also look forward to welcoming some new faces to the line-up for 2022. 


  • Sian Cooke

    Sian Cooke

    Head of Digital Strategy, Dfe
  • Bridie Tooher

    Bridie Tooher

    Deputy Director of Digital Strategy, DfE
  • Jonathan Bishop

    Jonathan Bishop

    Headteacher and CEO, Cornerstone
  • Fiona Aubrey-Smith

    Fiona Aubrey-Smith

    Director of One Life Learning
  • Craig Allen

    Craig Allen

    Consultant, Scomis
  • Andrew Tidswell

    Andrew Tidswell

    Director of Professional Development and Partner Learning, Discovery Education
  • Mark Martin MBE

    Mark Martin MBE

    Advanced Skills Teacher in Education and Computer Science
  • Steve Taylor

    Steve Taylor

    CEO Robin Hood MAT
  • Matt Koster-Macron

    Matt Koster-Macron

    Co-Founder of EdTech Evidence Group
  • Dr Alice Mills

    Dr Alice Mills

    Co-Founder and Co-Director, Exeter Science Centre
  • Ben McGinnes

    Ben McGinnes

    Teacher, Danesfield School
  • Carl Sheen

    Carl Sheen

    Lead Trainer, InVentry Ltd
  • Dale Lawson

    Dale Lawson

    Teacher, Cornerstone
  • Michael Kimber

    Michael Kimber

    Teacher, Cornerstone
  • Andrew R. Mackereth

    Andrew R. Mackereth

    Senior Partnership Manager, Arbor Education
  • Fiona Collier

    Fiona Collier

    Senior Governance Advisor, Babcock LDP
  • Zoe Briant-Evans

    Zoe Briant-Evans

    Governance Advisor, Babcock LDP
  • Kevin Sait

    Kevin Sait

    Surface Evangelist, Microsoft
  • Andrew Hammond

    Andrew Hammond

    Senior Director of Learning and Community at Discovery Education
  • Matt Smith

    Matt Smith

    Learning and Development Business Partner, Aspire2B
  • Dan Sandhu

    Dan Sandhu

    CEO, Sparx
  • Jess Boyce

    Jess Boyce

    Educator Innovation Lead, FlipGrid | Microsoft
  • Jennifer King

    Jennifer King

    Microsoft UK Schools Engagement Lead
  • Sam Parsons

    Sam Parsons

    Cyber Protect and Prepare Officer with the SWRCCU
  • Clare Barclay

    Clare Barclay

    CEO, Microsoft UK
  • Steve Beswick

    Steve Beswick

    Education Business Development Director - Surface Education
  • Anthony Lees

    Anthony Lees

    EdTech Strategic Lead, Cornerstone
  • Michael Cronk

    Michael Cronk

    Head of Computer Science, Colyton Grammar School
  • Tim Clarke

    Tim Clarke

    Headteacher of Cornerstone CE Primary
  • Henry Penfold

    Henry Penfold

    Digital Lead at Cornerstone CE Primary
  • Giles Hill

    Giles Hill

    Digital Learning Lead, Aspire Academy Trust
  • Stephen Reid

    Stephen Reid

    Senior Customer Engagement Project Manager, Microsoft
  • Paul Beavis

    Paul Beavis

    Education and Product Specialist, Scomis
  • Tony Phillips

    Tony Phillips

    SharePoint and Teams Consultant
  • Donna Shah

    Donna Shah

    MIEE / Assistant Digital Learning Advisor, Cognita
  • Trevor Finlay

    Trevor Finlay

    Managing Director, Vision Asset Finance
  • Claire Lowe

    Claire Lowe

    CEO and Executive Principal, Inspire Learning Partnership
  • Tariq Sasso

    Tariq Sasso

    School Principal, Inspire Learning Partnership
  • Becky Keene MSEd

    Becky Keene MSEd

    Director of Operations at insight2execution
  • Mark Rowland

    Mark Rowland

    Education Product Manager - Surface
  • Rob Taylor

    Rob Taylor

    Black Lives Matter Advisor
  • Sarah Clark

    Sarah Clark

    Biology and Science Teacher, Queen Anne High School
  • Mark Nicholls

    Mark Nicholls

    Literacy Development Manager, Literacy Planet
  • Lucy Runham

    Lucy Runham

    Regional CPD Manager, 2Simple
  • Liam Rowe

    Liam Rowe

    Teacher, Colyton Grammar School
  • Margaret Allen

    Margaret Allen

    Curriculum and Education Specialist, Renaissance
  • Phil Birchinall

    Phil Birchinall

    Senior Director of Immersive Content, Discovery Education UK
  • Frances Kingston

    Frances Kingston

    Renaissance Consultant, Renaissance
  • Sara Rosengreen

    Sara Rosengreen

    STEM Hub Coordinator, CSW Group
  • Geoff Broadbent

    Geoff Broadbent

    2Build a Profile / Evidence Me
  • Michael Wilkinson

    Michael Wilkinson

    Managing Director (UK), ClickView
  • Nik Rorke

    Nik Rorke

    Head of Chemistry, Colyton Grammar School
  • Hannah Lyons

    Hannah Lyons

    Teacher, Cornerstone
  • James Garnett

    James Garnett

    Director of IT at United Learning
  • Kate Griggs

    Kate Griggs

    CEO, Made by Dyslexia
  • Bernadetta Brzyska

    Bernadetta Brzyska

    Head of Research, GL Assessment
  • Sarah Murillo

    Sarah Murillo

    Education Consultant for GL Assessment
  • Paul Edge

    Paul Edge

    Deputy Headteacher, Ribblesdale High School
  • Jane McFall

    Jane McFall

    Scomis Consultant
  • Gary Henderson

    Gary Henderson

    Scomis Consultant
  • David Wright

    David Wright

    SWGfL / UK Safer Internet Centre
  • Matthew Davies

    Matthew Davies

    Deputy Head, Treorchy Secondary School
  • Ken Corish

    Ken Corish

    Online Safety Director and SMT Member, SWGfL
  • Nicole Ponsford

    Nicole Ponsford

    Co-founder of the Global Equality Collective and Director (Innovation) at EdtechUK
  • Chris Spink

    Chris Spink
  • Maia Thomas

    Maia Thomas

    Equality Activist, Inclusion and Diversity Committee ITV
  • Mark Sparvell

    Mark Sparvell

    Education Leader, Microsoft
  • Jacqueline Russell

    Jacqueline Russell

    Program Manager, Microsoft
  • Beverley McCormick

    Beverley McCormick

  • Ross Spearing

    Ross Spearing

    Science Curriculum Design Specialist, CENTURY Tech

    We are adding new faces to our line-up daily. Register your interest today and we'll keep you posted.


    Plan your Festival Journey

    With so much to choose from you can plan your week entirely around what's relevant and meaningful to you.

    The festival will offer over 70 sessions - including keynote speakers, presentations, panel debates and live lesson workshops - organised into thirteen key strands and delivered over 4 days. You can browse the line-up and sessions by selecting a day or by clicking on your strand of interest below.

    Day 1

    28th March 2022


    Day 2

    29th March 2022


    Day 3

    30th March 2022

    Day 4

    31st March 2022


    Join the live sessions by selecting the day below 

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