The event will be run via Microsoft Teams Live Event. This will allow you to send in questions via the Q&A feature, as well as to rewind sessions if you miss something. You can join each of the sessions by clicking on the relevant link in the table below. All our sessions will be available for catch up after the eventFor support with joining the sessions, please watch our tutorial here.

Day 1 Itinerary – Monday 28th March 2022


Digital Strategy for Education 

Bridie Tooher



Jonathan Bishop 


Strand 1

Leadership & Strategy

Strand 2

Finance, Reporting & Governance

Strand 3

Teaching & Learning

Strand 4

Engagement through Creativity

From EdTech to PedTech: Shifting the Narrative Around Education Technology 

Fiona Aubrey-Smith

Producing a Headteacher's Report on Statistical Data in 20 Minutes or Less Using SIMS Discover 

Craig Allen

Discovery Education: A Platform for Teaching and Learning 

Andrew Tidswell

The Importance of Developing Creativity 

Mark Martin


Innovating with Technology to Drive CPD 

Steve Taylor

Five Things to Consider When Investing in EdTech 

Matt Koster-Macron

Exeter Science Centre: Connecting Schools and the Public with STEAMM Research and Industry 

Alice Mills

Making Your Technology Work For You: Creative Ideas to Get Technology into the Classroom 

Ben McGinnes


How to Take Your Whole Team on the Technology Journey

Sarah Morgan

Getting Back to Normal with InVentry: Clubs, Trips and Covid Tricks

Carl Sheen

Building Positive Maths MindSet Using Personalised and Adaptive Online Practice 

Frances Kingston & Margaret Allen

Top apps to improve engagement 

Michael Kimber


Making a Measurable Difference - Why switching from SIMs was worth it! 

James Weatherill

The Power of EdTech to Support Good Governance 

Fiona Collier & Zoe Briant-Evans


A Return to Reality 

Andrew Hammond


Creating a Coherent EdTech Strategy from Scratch 

Matt Smith

Show Me The Evidence 

Dan Sandhu

Empowering Student Voice with Flipgrid 

Jess Boyce

Introducing video editing into the curriculum 

Matthew Pitts 


Developing Skills of the Future 

Rick Hermann