The event will be run via Microsoft Teams Live Event. This will allow you to send in questions via the Q&A feature, as well as to rewind sessions if you miss something. You can join each of the sessions by clicking on the relevant link in the table below. All our sessions will be available for catch up after the eventFor support with joining the sessions, please watch our tutorial here.

Day 2 Itinerary – Tuesday 29th March 2022


Surface in Education 

Steve Beswick


Strand 5

The Learning Platform

Strand 6

Computing & Coding in the Curriculum

Strand 7

Hardware Strategy

Three FREE Learning Tools for Great Key Stage 2 Digital Learning 

Giles Hill

VEX Robotics in the Classroom and Beyond

Michael Cronk

Making greater use of Windows and the range of digital tools within 365 

Henry Penfold & Tim Clarke


How Cyber Incidents Can Impact Teaching and What You Can Do to Prevent Them 

Sam Parsons

Engaging Learners in Coding Through Minecraft Education 

Stephen Reid

The Benefits of Mobile Device Management

Paul Beavis


Save Teacher Time and Get More Out of Microsoft Teams 

Tony Phillips

All the Cs - Create a Culture of Creativity with Adobe Creative Cloud Express 

Donna Shah

Deploying, Managing and Financing a 1:1 Device Programme

Trevor Finley & Graham Newberry


Microsoft's Engagement Programmes: Preparing Teachers, School Leaders and Students for the Future 

Jennifer King

Teaching The Big Three in Primary Programming 

Anthony Lees

Device Security, Management & Deployment in InTune 

Andrew Manning


Creating an IT Vision and Making it a Reality 

Claire Lowe & Tariq Sasso

Changing the Game: How the Power of Play Impacts Education 

Becky Keene

Sustainability with Surface Devices 

Mark Rowland


A Vision for the New Normal 

Clare Barclay