Established in November 2018, the National Center for Computing Education (NCCE) represents a huge investment by the government of £84 million: the biggest single per capita investment in teacher professional development and probably the most ambitious re-envisioning of computing as a school subject that is taking place anywhere in the world.

The NCCE's mission

To support teachers by providing schemes of: Work and resources, face-to-face and online training, and subject knowledge enhancement. The aim is to put teachers in a position to have the confidence, skills and the knowledge to be an inspirational practitioner that could change your students' lives, as more empowered agents in society and also in their future job prospects.

We're delighted to be part of 'The Westcountry Computer Science Hub' (WCCS Hub) alongside Uffculme School and Exeter Maths School. We're one of a network of 40 school-based Computing Hubs across England, put in place to provide local CPD and comprehensive resources for computing teachers in primary and secondary schools and colleges across Devon and Dorset.

The new computing curriculum establishes computer science as a foundation or discipline that, like maths or history, every child should study from primary school onwards. However, recent research by the Royal Society suggests that teachers in the UK feel that they are lacking sufficient theoretical and technical knowledge of computing. The good news is that we are delivering face-to face NCCE courses at a small cost of £35 per day, but you may also be eligible for a £220 bursary which is available to assist a teacher in your school to attend. For more information on fees and bursaries please refer to the Teach Computing webpage.