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In order to support you and your school with your EdTech Journey and Digital Strategy, we offer bespoke audits. These audits are to discuss all aspects of EdTech within education, with a focus on strategy and implementation. A Report will be delivered upon completion of an audit.

There are 9 audit areas:     MicrosoftTeams-image_98.png

  • Strategy
  • Infrastructure
  • Business & Finance
  • Computer Science
  • Online Safety
  • SEND & Accessibility
  • Staff Development
  • Teacher Workload
  • Curriculum Subjects

You can have a complete audit which will cover all 9 audit areas above, or you can select the audit areas required. The aim is to leave you and your school in a position of exploring your next steps.


Full Audit - £750 SWIFT Members / £950 Non SWIFT Members

Per Area - £100 SWIFT Members / £125 Non SWIFT Members


To find out more or to book your EdTech Strategy and Implementation Audit, please contact us directly on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.