The event will be run via Microsoft Teams Live Event. This will allow you to send in questions via the Q&A feature, as well as to rewind sessions if you miss something. You can join each of the sessions by clicking on the relevant link in the table below. All our sessions will be available for catch up after the eventFor support with joining the sessions, please watch our tutorial here.

Day 3 Itinerary – Wednesday 30th March 2022



Jon Coles


Strand 8

The Wider Curriculum

Strand 9

STEM & Science

Strand 10


Diversifying the Curriculum with Hidden Histories 

Rob Taylor


How Digitial Resources Can Help Develop Literacy in an Early Years and KS1 Setting 

Dave Weston


Using Technology Across the Curriculum, Engaging the Whole Community 

Lucy Runham

Secondary Physics Enhanced Through the Power of EdTech 

Liam Rowe

Reading is Much More Than Just Barking Words off a Page 

Margaret Allen


Impossible Fieldtrips 

Phil Birchinall

The Accidental Revolution 

Matthew Friend & Ross Spearing

Using Tech effectively in EYFS - Are they too young for a 1:1 device? 

Tonia Dudley & Amy Harris


Unity of Vision - Driving Pupil Progress 

Olivia Sumpter

STEM Ambassadors: Engaging Learners Through Online Opportunities 

Sara Rosengren

Making Sense of Development Matters Creating Learning Stories/Journeys in EYFS 

Geoff Broadbent


Engaging Learners Through the Effective Use of Video 

Michael Wilkinson & Beverly McCormick

Hands-on Computing with Microsoft MakeCode 

Jacqueline Russell

Using Microsoft Teams to Increase Parental Engagement 

Hannah Lyons


Does Your Strategy Tackle the Digital Divide? 

James Garnett