The event will be run via Microsoft Teams Live Event. This will allow you to send in questions via the Q&A feature, as well as to rewind sessions if you miss something. You can join each of the sessions by clicking on the relevant link in the table below. All our sessions will be available for catch up after the eventFor support with joining the sessions, please watch our tutorial here.

Day 4 Itinerary – Thursday 31st  March 2022


Redefining Dyslexia for the 21st Century 

Kate Girggs


Strand 11

Safeguarding & Wellbeing Strategy

Strand 12

Online Safety in the Classroom

Strand 13

SEND & Inclusion

Supporting Families with Managing Online Gaming and Chat

Anthony Lees and Tracey Willis

What's Going On? The Lowdown on What's Happened During and Post Lockdown with Young People Online 

Ben McGrath

Accessible Technology to Support Teaching & Learning 

Paul Edge


Saving Time: Strategies to Improve Your Wellbeing 

Jane McFall

Developing a Robust Strategy for Online Safety 

Anthony Lees

The Use of Digital Tools to Personalise Learning in the Classroom 

Jim Green & Katie Lawson


The Evolving Threat of Ransomware and How to Protect Your School 

Sam Parsons

Safeguarding Children Online 

David Wright

Using Learning Tools through Office 365 to Support SEND

Matthew Davies


Using Data Analytically to Plan for the Future 

Bernedetta Brzyska & Sarah Murillo

ProjectEVOLVE: Beyond Digital Literacy Content 

Ken Corish

#Smashing Stereotypes: Closing Digital Gaps in Technology 

Nic Ponsford


Remote Monitoring & Management with Senso.Cloud, Safeguarding Microsoft Teams Chat and Cloud-Based Classroom Management 

Daniel Lester

Using CEOP Resources for Teaching Internet Safety

Anthony Lees

Giving Every Child a Voice

Maia Thomas


Rebooting the Brain: Insights and Actions for Learning Forwards

Mark Sparvell