Through this series of online events we aim to share how we have implemented and use technology here at Broadclyst Community Primary School. All sessions were recorded and can be viewed below.

Starting a Virtual School From Scratch

Watch our first EdTech Demonstrator live event, where we will set you on your journey to start a virtual school from scratch. We shared with you the lessons that Broadclyst Community Primary School has learned about setting up a virtual learning environment in Microsoft Teams, and much more...

How to Use Teams for the First Time

Are you new to using Teams? This session takes you from first use, through all of the functionality from chat, to video calling and file sharing. This session offers some top tips around how your organisation can begin to use Teams without forming any bad habits.

PowerPoint as a Teaching Tool

See PowerPoint like never before by learning all of its innovative and excellent teaching tools and features. Learn how to record short lessons using PowerPoint, look at the in-built design feature and much, much more. You will hear from Microsoft Expert educators who use it in their everyday teaching to inspire and capture the engagement of the children they teach.

Setting Up Class Teams and Starting to Teach

A brief insight into the design features which Teams has to offer. Explore the many options of channels, buckets, live elements, call features and more. These small additions to your classroom will help to support children and families in their home environment.

Engaging and Supporting Parents in a Digital World

In this live event we looked at the parents and pupils’ views of the schooling system set in place by Cornerstone Academy Trust. Both parent and pupil will review the home, life balance and the structure that the classes support whilst being a busy parent. 

Learn all About OneNote in the Classroom

OneNote has a mass of useful and exciting tools that can be incorporated easily within your everyday teaching. Come and listen to the ways in which you could be utilising OneNote in your classroom. Learn about ink to maths, design features, creating pages and organisation, the collaboration with Teams and much more.

Staying Safe Online with Home Schooling

Join us to find out more about protecting ourselves as educators and safeguarding those we teach whilst in our home environments. We will look at models, policies, important pieces of technologies, including those in Teams, that will enable you to support those around you to stay safe online. This will also detail ways in which you can encourage pupil to pupil behaviours and expectations and the tools they may need to use for when they’re online with one another.

Embedding the Wider Curriculum

During this short webinar we discussed the wider curriculum that is being delivered to the children within our Trust. We explore the benefits of whole school, and whole key stages in bringing the family together and achieving whilst being at home. We will also look into the life of a virtual teacher, focusing on the collaboration of the in Teams, through Trust wide year groups and how they are producing and presenting lessons each day. 

Tools in Office 365 to Support Children with SEND

Office365 incorporates a number of accessibility tools that can be particularly useful when supporting pupils with SEND. This session will explore the use of tools like Immersive Reader and PowerPoint subtitling, which can make a significant difference to pupils' educational experiences. 

Using Video Tools in Teaching and Learning

Find out more about video within the virtual classroom. With the endless possibilities, we hope to share with you a range of extremely beneficial programmes which can be easily adopted into your lessons. Flip Grid is an excellent tool to receive pupil feedback and Stream offers a unique ability to allow for ‘catch up’ – recording lessons for the children in your classes. 

Cool stuff in Office365!

Think you know Office? Think again! Come and find out  more about the hidden gems within the Office365 programmes. Innovative uses of forms, SWAY, PowerApps and so many more. 

How to Make Good Use of Chat and Collaboration Features in Office365

How can Microsoft Teams keep your organisation working together during a partial opening of schools? How can pupils collaborate in real time with their friends who are at home? How can video calling be used for teaching and learning to reduce teacher workload? This session will answer these questions and more. 

Making the most of Online Assignments and Digital Assessment Tools

Are you looking for a digital, organised approach to assigning and marking your students' work? Are you wondering how to gather some formative assessment data during partial school opening? This session will give some practical suggestions for how to use platforms such as Teams to support this process. 

Embedding the curriculum in OneNote and engaging every learner at their level

Creating an EdTech strategy to deliver high quality education and implementing a successful learning platform

What should a blended learning environment look like to deliver outstanding education

Ensuring quality problem solving in maths during blended learning

Getting children to compose in music in a blended environment

Making the most of Online Assessment through Assignments

How to Measure Pupil Contribution within Collaborative Projects

Delivering the Wider Curriculum in a Blended School Setting

Hints and Tips to Ensuring a Robust Curriculum

Teaching Humanities via Discussion and Reflection in an Online Classroom

Scaffolding Learning

Exploring ways that you can manage the cognitive load for staff and learners when delivering mixed delivery and remote education. Using both non-screen and digital tools is reviewed to help you scaffold learning best for your learning.